HOLT, Mich. (WILX) – On Studio 10 we have a student shout out who is going above and beyond for your typical high school senior.

Emma Grace Hodges is not only a senior at Holt high school- but the owner and founder of a growing online business.

Picture this, it’s spring of 2020- schools have been shut down and Emma- who was a junior at the time, found herself with lots of free time.

But instead up picking up a hobby she began a business.

“I’m one of those people where I always have to be doing something to be occupied, to keep me busy. My family was always like, ‘you should start a website’ because I use different platforms to upload my designs,” said Emma. “So my website, gracealyn.com was born and from there, it really just took off and blew up.”

Now nearly one year later, Emma has a website that’s full of fun apparel and jewelry that are all of her designs.

“There’s a lot of different things on there,” said Emma. “They each have a little bit of a closer meaning to me because I put in that time to design them.”

Between this business and school work-it’s not always easy.

“I actually run everything on the website, everything from the website, design, the product design, packaging orders, managing social media, and everything is all me behind the scenes. So it’s definitely a lot of work,” said Emma. “I really have had to figure out like the time management of it. That’s another reason why I’m very big on supporting small businesses because you really are impacting people’s streams on life.”

Emma says she finds inspiration for her designs in a little bit of everything.

“I have some words that are really just music based because a lot of my fan base is really into like different artists and stuff. So I’ll do little play on words with the lyrics and things like that, which I’ll do and those are super, super popular,” explained Emma. “But inspiration really comes from anything I’ll be like out in the town and I’ll take a picture of something and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I want to make that into a design.”

You can see Emma’s designs and merchandise here: https://gracealyn.com/

You can also follow her on Instagram and Tic Tok at @shopgracealyn

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