Maybe if you are new in the digital marketing world, you don’t know what PPC marketing is. It is a good time to know everything related to this modality.

What is PPC in marketing?

The PPC or Pay per click is a  completely new digital advertising model. The advertiser pays a fixed or determined amount for an auction every time a user clicks on its ads to visit its web page.

How to run a PPC campaign?

The PPC is an online paid advertising where the advertiser pays a fixed price per keyword click. As an advertiser, you should set a minimum budget for the day or week and select the keywords for your PPC campaign.

When to use PPC?

You can use PPC in any advertising campaign to increase sales, generate leads and promote the brand.

Some of the advantages that PPC can give you are timely results in terms of your advertising. Also, the segmentation by audiences and greater control regarding the traffic of your site. This way, you have a high contribution to your company’s commercial objectives, greater synergy with your clients and suppliers; and an easy entrance to your potential clients inside your web page.

Many agencies use PPC as an advertising modality for those campaigns on the Internet. They are a model that has imposed a revolution. Since many advertisers used to shoot blindly, investing their budget in campaigns whose results could not be measured in any way.

Advantages of PPC

PPC offers many advantages. One of them is that you only pay for the visit your web page receives, but you have a lot of information about the ad’s performance. You also have good possibilities to optimize your page. The ads only reach the right audience for your business, and you can also control your budget more precisely. And you can decide where and at what time to show your ad.

What is pay-per-click marketing?

In pay-per-click marketing or better-called PPC, you pay for ads to appear in top placements on websites and search results. You choose the keywords you want to use and say.  It is possible to establish the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click. This amount is the full cost per click.

Which one to choose? Seo or PPC

Experts say that the best strategy is to use SEO at the beginning of the campaign. Invest in PPC campaigns to promote quality content and specific offers. Little by little, when the Google search engine has already indexed your website.

Organic traffic will start to appear immediately. In other words, both PPC and SEO are important in digital commerce. So you must know when to use each of them for better optimization of your brand and accelerated growth of your sales.

The use of eCommerce PPC Management has proven to be of great help in the electronic market. Thus, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert to manage the PPC of your page to raise your positioning!